December, 2017


When Ana received the keys to her Habitat home 10 years ago, it fulfilled a dream. Ana knew her home meant immediate security and stability for herself and two young daughters.  However, she could not fathom the amazing impact that home would continue to have on her family.  For Ana, another dream has been fulfilled. Both her daughters have recently enrolled in college, making them the first generation in her family to pursue higher education. “My daughters say that their home played a big role in their success.  It has always been more than a shelter.  It is a place of roots, a place where they felt safe enough to grow into their own futures.”


When I talk to our partner families, this is the message I hear repeatedly.  Our families are empowered by their home and the biggest impact is felt by the children.  In fact we know from a study conducted by Indiana University Public Policy Institute, that children who grow up in a Habitat home are twice as likely to attend college, have improved academic success, and are less likely to engage in risky teen behavior.  Each family we empower makes our community stronger and transforms our neighborhoods for the better. For over 30 years, North Willamette Valley Habitat for Humanity has given families the tools they need to flourish.  We call them our emPower Tools:

  • Stability: A mortgage below 30% of the family’s income means a predictable,  affordable, and permanent housing solution.
  • Strength: Safe, decent housing provides a solid foundation that breaks the cycle of generational poverty and creates opportunities for future success. 
  • Self-Reliance: Homeowners put in 500 hours of “sweat equity” on the home build.  Home finance and maintenance education and responsibility for an affordable mortgage, taxes, and insurance means they are invested in their home and provided a model self-sufficiency.

But there are more families who need our help.  Increased rental and real estate costs and a limited supply of affordable housing in our rural communities has families unable to afford to live in the communities where they work.  We are committed to empowering more families like our current partner Kim, a hard-working single mother with a ten year old son.  The family currently lives in the bedroom of a trailer with little space and less privacy. Kim’s son beams with joy as he looks upon the 2x4’s that frame his future bedroom.  He sees the opportunity in this space in the making.  For us, we see the larger opportunity.  We see that because of this home, the odds are now tilted in his favor and we are providing him with the tools needed to successfully grow into his own future.

This holiday season, you may be thinking about how you can help your community in a meaningful and impactful way.  Habitat for Humanity offers a whole-family approach to addressing the cycle of poverty and empowers a legacy of stability, strength and self-reliance.  There are many deserving families that qualify for  Habitat homes.  We need your help to serve them.  Help us by donating today. Your gift will make a difference for local families that will last a lifetime.