Help a family reach and maintain the American dream of homeownership and drink beer while doing it.

This is how it works...

  1. Click here, which will take you to our checkout page
  2. Select your pickup location
  3. Pay for your passport
  4. Feel good you’re supporting a great cause
  5. Go drink some great beer!

Ok, you feel great, and you're ready to enjoy.


What now?

You can pick up your Passport any day, any time that the pick-up locations are open for business starting June 1st, 2018 until end of day on the last pick-up date, August 1st, 2018.

How to redeem...

  1. Hand your card to the bartender or server. They will let you know which drink selections you can choose from. (The choice of drinks is at the discretion of the participating location.)
  2. The bartender or server will place an “x” in the box next to the name of their location and give you back the Passport card along with your drink.
  3. Please remember to tip!

Please drink responsibly.



Please note that the Passport does not give you entrance priority. Many venues fill up on weekends and specific weeknights. Please check on the venue’s websites for their hours, entrance or reservation policy before going.


  • You can pick up your Passport any day, any time that the pick-up locations are open for business starting June 1st, 2018 until end of day on the last pick-up date, August 1st, 2018. 
  • If you don’t pick up your Passport before then, you forfeit the right to claim and use it. No refunds will be given for forfeiture.
  • You may choose your pick-up location when purchasing. Please note that not all locations on the passport are pick-up locations.
  • To pick up your Passport, show either the attachment to the confirmation email you received after purchase or the QR code in the Eventbrite smartphone app and ID that proves you are 21 or older to a bartender or server at the redemption location.


Can someone else pick up my Passport for me?

Yes. Your ID does not need to match the ticket. This means you can gift the Passport and/or have a friend pick it up for you.

My bartender is being super awesome. What should I do?

Order another drink and tip them well. Maybe order some food too. These partner businesses are pretty amazing in their commitment to support affordable housing so give them some extra love.

I didn’t realize there was a final pickup date and I missed it. How do I get my Passport?

You are welcome to contact the bar you chose for Passport pick-up and ask if they can help you. The bars are not required to hold onto additional Passports or offer pick-ups past the final pick-up date. With that, we only give them pretty much what they sell. So they may not even have any Passports available.

I lost my passport, can I get it replaced?

We are not able to replace lost passports.

The bar (or restaurant) was closed/has abnormal hours and I was not able to use my passport.

We recommend you checking the website for each location before you visit. Know before you go. Also please note that two locations have specific dates for validity. These dates are printed on the Passport for easy referencing.

I am with, for or own a bar, restaurant, pub, or brewery, and I would like to get involved with The House That Beer Built Passport.

So you envision the world where everyone has a decent place to live and think we can help get there by sharing the love of beer; we would love to have you join the team. Please contact us HERE

Ok, I want a beer pass. How do I get one?



Colony Pub

21568 Pacific Hwy E


Backstop Bar and Grill

211 N. Grant Street

Wild Hare Saloon

1190 SW 1st Avenue


Bailey's Pub and Grub

23788 OR-211

Baileys Pub Grub (Facebook)


The White Horse

106 E Main Street

Thewhitehorsebarr (Facebook)

Mt. Angel

Mt. Angel Sausage Company

105 S. Garfield Street

The Glockenspiel

190 E. Charles Street

Bier Haus

315 N. Main Street

Bierhaus (Facebook)

The Drunken German

115 E. Charles Street

Drunken German (Facebook)

Frank-n-Stein's Pub

185 E. Charles Street

Frank N Steins (Facebook)

Oregon City

Highland Stillhouse

201 S 2nd Street

Oregon City Brewing Co

1401 Washington Street

Wild Hare Saloon

1656 Beavercreek Road


3 Ten Water Restaurant

310 N. Water Street

Mac's Place

201 N. Water Street

Creekside Grill

242 S. Water Street

The Gallon House

219 Oak Street

Wooden Nickel Silverton

1610 Pine Street

Oregon Garden Resort Garden

View Restaurant and Lounge

895 W. Main Street

*(Not valid June 16, 17, 18)

Mill Town Pub

1405 Mill Street

Silver Falls Brewery

207 Jersey Street

Towne House Restaurant

203 E Main Street

Seven Brides Brewing

990 North First Street