Winter appeal

Give thanks by giving a family an affordable home

November 2021—As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, I have been reflecting on everything that I am thankful for. I know it is the same old thing we hear this time of year; it is almost a cliché. We can all agree that the last three years have not been the same. They have been much more devastating and exhausting. Stepping back from the everyday chaos, I dig deep to see all the good that has come to my family and me. We are all excited to enjoy the holiday together, something we could not do the last couple of years.

Welcoming family and friends into our home is what comes to mind when we think about the holidays. Everyone deserves a decent place to call home, a place to gather with friends and family, without mold or a bed in the living room. People we interact with daily, such as retail clerks, receptionists, teachers, and many others, are often forced to live in substandard homes. They will not invite family and friends over, some will be working to pay rent next month and others are simply embarrassed to have anyone visit their home.

Our affiliate and staff is dedicated to making a difference. We are doing the heavy lifting and showing that change is possible. Affordable homes are possible with the support of our donors and volunteers.

During this season that emphasizes being home, consider doing what you can to support the vital need of affordable housing. While there may not be one single act that can change this situation overnight, it is an issue that we can tackle together.

Please consider giving thanks by supporting our mission to build safe, decent, affordable homes by making a donation, advocating for affordable housing, or by volunteering with us any time of the year.

Happy holidays, from all of us at NWV Habitat!

Take care and stay healthy,

Kari Johnsen
Executive Director