Image of an accessibility safety ramp

NWV Habitat 'ramps up' an essential program

(March 3rd, 2023) Last year when a severe bout with diabetes cost a Gervais resident part of his leg, a number of community members rallied on his behalf.

Among them were Gervais Mayor Annie Gilland, her husband Keith and John and Laura Cliffton. John Cliffton applied some engineering knowledge, and everyone pitched in with the knowledge that this local resident and friend absolutely needed a ramp to access his rental trailer.

“Everybody just came together and worked together, and in a day, we had a ramp built for him,” Annie Gilland recalled. “How was he supposed to get up and down, otherwise? He’s just one of many people I know who could use this assistance.”

Needless to say, Gilland was delighted to hear about North Willamette Valley Habitat for Humanity’s announcement Friday that it has launched its Ramps and Rails Program for 2023.

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