North Willamette Valley Habitat for Humanity Committees

Habitat Ambassadors:

Help us maintain a presence in the community. Volunteers will work as North Willamette Valley Ambassadors at informational booths, attend local trade shows, farmers markets, community events, school fairs, corporate volunteer recruitment events and other outreach activities in the area as needed. Summer is the busiest time of the year.

Homeowner Selection

Committee members play a vital role in the recruitment and selection of our partner families. Each year, this devoted group of volunteers plan, market and execute the community outreach meetings the public attends to learn about our program. They review financial documents and attend in-home interviews. This is a very hands-on, interactive committee who present final recommendations to the Board of Directors. Committee members are partnered with one or more families after the selection process is complete. The purpose of this vital volunteer/family partnership is to be an advocate and liaison for the family. You work one-on-one with the family to support their progression in meeting all of the requirements, building sweat equity hours, and participating in financial classes. Ideally, once the family purchases a home, this important partnership continues for at least one year to support the family’s transition to home ownership.


Committee members help with event planning, focusing on outreach to sponsors and attendees, as well as ‘day of event’ support for our annual fundraisers: dinner and auction in May, the summer beer passport, Fall Fashion Frenzy in September, Sign-A-Stud in February, and Run for Humanity in October.

Faith Relations:

Committee members are dedicated ambassadors from local churches and faith communities in the area. Volunteers work on ways to strategically involve more faith communities in supporting Habitat’s goals of simple, decent, affordable housing for working families. They work with staff providing information on approaching church events, faith builds, outreach/partnership opportunities, and fundraising.

Resource Development:

Committee members work to advise and assist in areas of general fundraising, business development, donor outreach, and strategic planning. This is a collaborative and proactive committee where volunteers support North Willamette Valley in recruiting and growing prospective donors and evolving methods of sustainable income streams through planned giving and major gifts. Works with Trustee Advisors.

Land Acquisition

Committee members help identify and evaluate potential properties that might fit our requirements for location, price, zoning, size, etc. These volunteers assist with the land purchase process and act as an advisory team.