North Willamette Valley Habitat for Humanity provides an opportunity for organizations to meet their philanthropic goals in a unique and highly rewarding way.

Organizations are often drawn to the 'Habitat Experience' not only because of the urgent need for affordable housing in our community, but also for the extraordinary hands-on opportunity it provides.

Your Team Build can take place on the construction site or at one of our ReStores for the day.

Team Build partners are asked to provide volunteer crews who can be skilled or unskilled. On home build sites volunteers must be 16 or older.

Participants in the NWV Habitat Team Build or Volunteer Partner program will not only make a difference for a local family, they and the company will gain by:

  1. Learning teamwork skills in an informal setting.
  2. Motivating employees to get to know each other better.
  3. Allowing employees to experience firsthand giving back to the community and helping others through your company’s involvement.
  4. Fosters employee loyalty.
  5. Reinforces how important effective communication is at a company.
  6. Creates unity among members of your team.
  7. Supports the fact that a team of individuals can accomplish more working together than can an individual working alone.

Ready to get Started?

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What Does the Team Build Program Consist Of?

  • Support: The Team Build program is an opportunity businesses and organizations to use their pledges, gifts, and talents to help deserving families in our local area. We understand that business’ range both in size and their ability to financially support this mission. NWV Habitat wants to extend an invitation and provide opportunities to anyone who is interested in supporting our mission.
  • Options: Your Team Build day can be tailored to your interests and can be located on the new home build site, assisting at a fundraising special event, or at one of our ReStores for the day.
  • Labor: Just over 2,000 hours of volunteer labor goes into the building of one NWV Habitat home. Team Build companies are asked to provide volunteer crews who can be skilled or unskilled. On home build sites volunteers must be 16 or older. For all Team Build options there is a maximum of 12 volunteers in a group.

Why Become Partners with NWV Habitat?

  • Housing costs in Oregon have continued to rise over the last decade. One out of every four people in Oregon cannot find affordable housing.
  • Habitat for Humanity has shown that building and repairing homes does more than put a roof over someone’s head. In clean, decent, stable housing:
    • Families can provide stability for their children.
    • A family’s sense of dignity and pride grow.
    • Health, physical safety, and security improve.
    • Educational and job prospects increase.
  • Opportunity for your employees to partner in a truly significant and meaningful way.
  • Positive media attention, and build employee morale through demonstrating your company’s commitment to our community.